A quick Viola Planter


How many of you can resist a sticker that says 50 percent off? No I can’t either. I went to the grocery store to buy dish soap not flowers and these were just screaming take me home. So of course I bought the flowers and forgot about the dish soap, gotta go back again.



These beautiful babies are violas or sometimes called violettes. Here in the northern hemisphere, they come up early in spring.They looked pretty pitiful. They just tugged at my heart. I just grabbed 4 of the pots and I knew that with better soil and more room and with a good drink of water, they would bounce back.

When it came time to take them out of the pot well I wasn’t expecting their roots to be in such a bad state. They had grown out of the pot and were squished just trying their best to survive.



After managing to push them out of the container a bit roughly and then prying them apart even with more roughness, I saw that there was still lots of white roots and I knew that they would just do fine.



Off I went to get my planter ready. Mind you they will need to be watered probably every day because plants in a pot tend to dry out just a bit faster than when planted in the ground. I used regular top soil and I added a few handfuls of sheep manure to give them some food. It was a quick job, quite enjoyable and it looks good once done.



Along with the violas, I decided to add some chives since I have so many all over the place.  Just check out how they have perked up after just under 24 hours after planting. These are hardy little things.

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