Don’t over think it. It’s not rocket science

“Don’t over think it.  It’s not rocket science”  I love that quote.

It comes from a guy  whose name is Ray.  He has a youtube channel called “Dance in the Sunshine”  (Praxxus55712).  I have been watching his videos now for about two years.

I also like the reason he explains as to why he named his channel “Dance in the sunshine”. He says, “to Live in the moment,  enjoy life and the small things, take time to relax and appreciate all your garden has to offer”.

He is down to earth and makes me laugh.  His way of talking is just natural.  When he makes his videos he talks to us as if we’re all right there in the room with him. Not everyone gardens the same way and he will encourage you to try and experiment and find what works for you.  I love watching his videos and seeing what is new.

He is the one who is inspiring me to just grow my vegetables and not worry over whether this will grow or that, just go and plant and experiment and have fun.  I take gardening way to seriously.  If my family lived 75 years ago, we would be very near to starving if we needed to depend on my skill to grow a vegetable garden and I’m not joking.  My garden sucks.

Last year all I managed was a few pounds of potatoes, like under 10 pounds.  The tomatoes I grew from seed produced no tomatoes, I managed some wonky carrots, a few peas and some Egyptian onions.  Besides that nothing else worked.

But this year I am extremely encouraged thanks to Ray.  You see he starts his seeds indoors.  Yes most gardeners do, BUT Ray starts his seeds indoors waaaayyy before planting time.  I mean he is planting around November or December in his house and then when it comes time to transplant, he does not have tiny seedlings, he has strong healthy plants that are robust.

This year I found Ray too late and so I am starting my seeds indoors in the first week of March, but this autumn, I will plant another round of things during the winter time, just to experiment and see what will work for me.

“Don’t over think it, it’s not rocket science”.  When he said that, I had to laugh out loud, because for some reason it hit home with me.  That really does make sense when you stop and think about it.

You should see the things he grows in his house.   I am always looking at different ways of doing things and new information.  He just doesn’t worry about things.  The best part??…is his things are growing, actually sprouting and growing…in HIS HOUSE !!!!!  Things that you just shake your head at and go “no no no, you don’t grow that in a house!!!”  Like grape vines and strawberries for one thing.  A banana tree and pineapples.  All his pepper plants are producing peppers in the middle of winter in his house.

And personally, I just want to say,  Don’t argue with him. His method of gardening is working for HIM , and if you don’t like it, then don’t do it.  But I do think his some of his methods are contrary to the gardening norm and it works, that is all that really matters.  As long as the plant grows and produces fruit, does it really matter how it’s done?   There is as many ways to garden as there is making a spaghetti sauce.

He also introduced me (and his viewers) to casting tea.  Worms poop in the garden and the poop is called castings.  Now don’t go and get all grossed out, it’s part of nature and that’s the way nature intended, if we weren’t supposed to have worms, they would not have been put into existence.  You add some castings to water and let it sit a few hours, mix it up and water your plants and BOOM, well ok maybe not boom like that, but if his plants could talk I bet they would say “yum”.

You know what?  that really makes sense because gardeners have known for a long time that worms in the garden is a good thing.  When I see a worm who is not in the right place in my yard, I scoop him up, usually saying ” Oh sweety, you need to go to a better home” and I gently deposit my worm in the compost bin.  I am also teaching my two young children that worms are our friends and to never never hurt them.  Always put them in the compost bin, or in the vegetable garden or in among the flowers.
So if you’re a gardener and would like to make a friend and relax, because watching his videos is relaxing and fun, come and take a look and if it suits you, become a subscriber.  Have a great day and thanks for reading this.

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