Lots of food in little space, YES it can be done

Growing your greens is another favorite gardening website that I watch a lot and of course I am a subscriber.

John is the first youtube gardener that I came across. I had heard that it is possible to grow pumpkins and watermelons on a trellis. so I went to my best friend, Mr Google and I googled growing pumpkins on a trellis, and I came across a website called: growingyourgreens.com. He’s all about “growing as much food as possible in as little space as possible”. He repeats that very often.

The first video I watched was about pumpkins on a trellis. Being a really snoopy internet girl, I looked at some of John’s other videos and I stumbled across a video he made in front of his house in California. It was awesome and I was hooked, I mean I am hooked, you know what I mean.

It was really because of him that I started to do raised box gardening. He lives in California and he converted his front lawn into just raised boxes full of everything. I had never seen anything like his front lawn and I was fascinated and still am. I watch his videos often.

His house is not in the country with a long winding drive way, his house is right in town with houses on either side of his and all down the street and in front also. People walk on the sidewalk by his land and they always pass the cucumbers and the tomatoes and the pumpkins, lettuce, and oh my lord so much more.

I know I sit there and I wonder if he has people who steal his produce in the night and in one of his videos he says that people are basically nice and he has no problems. Which is really good because geez he works hard on his garden, it’s not just snap your fingers and all done.  He also says that he shares his vegetables with all his neighbors, so I kinda figure that really helps to take the temptation to steal away from people when he shares. He is so generous that some of his plants are grown specifically for some of his friends who like certain things. He has a beautiful spirit.

I could easily see myself spending a day with john in his garden and talking and looking, eating and harvesting and just learning. He’s really into natural products, compost and compost tea, worm castings, no chemicals and no GMO seeds and such.

When you watch him you are struck with how passionate he is about gardening and growing your food naturally and be more healthy. He’s the kind of guy who would answer your question way more deeply and completely than you would expect. He would answer it all, the who, when, where, why and how to any of your questions.
He travels all over the place and he brings his viewers with him. He shows new products and new methods to gardening. He shows you that there is no “one ” way to garden and his mission is to help everyone grow their own food.

So come on and watch John from growingyourgreens.com. You will relax, enjoy the tour and the information, you will learn things you may not know and you will make a friend. I can guarantee that you will be hooked

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